Lunar New Year Treats

5 years ago

OMG..Lunar New Year is almost here again. And this is the time of the year to go and buy all those goodies. I have a lot of goodies here, but I don`t eat most of them cause I`m a picky eater. Yeah...when it comes to sweets, I`m still a picky

Here`s a list of what I have:
* *Sweetend WinterMelon - this is really good. Usually this wintermelon is used to make soup but during the new year you can find them as candies.

**Sweetened Lotus
** Sweetened Coconut
**Sweetened Lotus Seeds - now this is my favorite. I could eat the whole package myself and some more. I will probably hide when I`m eating this so I don`t have to When I go to someone`s house, they offer you all these kinds of sweets on a plate and I always dive for this one

**Licorice Melon Seeds- I love to munch on these. There is actually red melon seeds too but I`m the only one that eat those so I bought these so that everyone can eat em. The red ones are harder to open and the way you eat this is by using your teeth. The experts that knows how to eat these use their 2 front teeths to bite open the seeds. Those less experienced use their molars.

These sweets I believe are only available during the new year except for the licorice melon seeds. So hurry and pick up yours now.
Tell me , have any of you tried these and which ones would you recommend to those that haven`t tried `em.

**pictures belong to me**

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