Lunar New Year Food (Vietnamese Tradition)

3 years ago

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So it`s Chinese new year ~~~ and it`s the year of the fluffy bunny!
chúc mng nm mi

Quick facts to clear up confusions: Chinese New Year or Lunar New year is celebrated by Mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines (only some, not all), Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Tibet, Bhutan, Mongolia, Vietnam and Japan (before 1873). Different country may do things a bit differently ~ such as food and traditions.

This is all the food my mum cooked up and decorated on the table. Before we can eat it, she lit up an incense to offer the food to our dead ancestors. In a way, they are eating the food and when they`re done it`s our turn.

I`ll do my best to try to name the food in the photos lol bear with me

From top right to left and down:
Braised pork with egg
Bánh chng - a "must have dish" for New Year made from glutinous rice, mung bean, pork and other ingredients. My mum added green colouring because she thought it looked boring
Pickle carrot and other vinegar soaked vegetables
Sundried vegetables then soaked in fish sauce?
Sticky rice with various type of meat thing
Bánh tét - kind of like Banh Chung but with banana and sweeter.
Dried shrimps, pickled thingy and sliced pig`s ear.

Have a good year everyone ~
By the way what`s your zodiac ~ I`m a Goat, my friend is a Rabbit lol this is his year but you know what they say, if it`s your year you`ll have some form of bad luck.

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