Lumia 900 at half the price in the U.S.

With the coming increasingly closer to future Windows Phone 8, in the U.S. AT & T and Nokia resort to maneuvers increasingly radical for "dispatching" equipment current, and thus reduced the price of Lumia 900 for only $ 50 - half the value that was.

Although critics point out the weak sales of Windows Phones as an alarm signal (and which nobody can deny that are of concern) the issue - which has already discussed - is that with the announcement of Windows Phone 8 and discovered that none of the existing equipment would receive upgrade to this new version, the MS and Nokia would certainly aware of what it would mean for sales of existing models.

Therefore from that day, all Windows Phones in the market became much less interesting, if not completely discouraged. Of course one can not say that a Lumia 900 to $ 50 is bad business ... and return to shoot the thing to the point that everything has a price at which it becomes interesting, even if you already know you will not have a long future ahead of it (see the case of tablets from HP).

We now know through here if our operators are also aware of this ... or if you prefer to continue to treat domestic consumers as buyers "stupid" that are unrelated to any of these situations.

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