Lucy Movie Review

I got back from watching Lucy a couple of hours ago and I wanted to write a review about it.

First off, let me say that Scarlett Johansson was brilliant in this movie. I love her, she is such a great actress and for sure someone I look up to, but her performance in this blew everything else she`s done away. She was good. Now, it could only be my opinion, but I did find her to fit this role perfectly.

So, now the movie. It`s about a girl who gets taken and finds out some people had put a bunch of drugs inside of her so she could smuggle them to her country. But, the bag breaks open inside of her and she begin to experience certain things that don`t happen to people. She begins using more of her brain, more than normal people do and she begins having all this power. Power no one should have.

It`s a good movie. It has a lot of action, a good, strong female character and Morgan Freeman. What else could you want in a movie.

The only bad part about this movie was that it was only about 1:30 minutes. I would of liked it to be a bit longer but I recommend everyone to go check this movie out.

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