Low Carb Dieting: My Experience

I remember in high school, my teacher told me that he was on a low carb. I also remember thinking, that`s stupid. What`s wrong with bread, you know? I didn`t fully understand low carb diets in the first place. I thought you gave up grains and that was that, but nope. Turns out sugars are carbs. Actually, I think I learned that in one of my science classes, but it just totally slipped my mind.

Fast forward to present day, I noticed that it was becoming impossible to eat without getting bloated. I could eat the smallest amount of food and would still become bloated. Not just that, but I would also be bloated for the entire day. I was both painful and embarrassing. So I decided enough was enough and I started a low carb diet. I love carbs too much to completely give up, so I allow myself a carb/cheat day once a week, preferably on the weekend in case I dine out, BUT I still try to limit myself on those day because it literally hurts me to eat too much carbs and well, a diet is a diet after all.

So I`ve been on this diet for a little under a month now...

The good?
- No more all-day bloating
- 10 lb weight loss already
- Forced portion control
- Full faster (carbs are a creeper)

The bad and the ugly:
- Eating is a hassle now, especially when dining out
- Can`t eat off the value menu anymore
- Just not the same
- Cravings and temptations

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