Lovin the colorful skirts these days! =D

5 years ago

Colorful skirts have to be one of my favorite trend these days.If you haven`t notice I`ve been posting a lot .I sometimes get bored of seeing plain skirts.I own some skirts that my mom bought me last year .I still wear them because my mom is one of those mom that get mad when there kids don`t wear what there parents bought them (if you know what i mean)This girl was wearing a cute spring/summer outfit.

I still can`t wait till that day comes!Anyway this pretty young lady was wearing this BLUE OLD NAVY TOP.The top is totally gorgeous.I don`t own an navy blue shirt.does baby blue count?For the skirt she is wearing this MAGENTA PACSUN SKIRT.I like how it has different colors and especially blue. lol BLACK ALDO HEELS are the ones she is wearing .I think they are like the originals ones.Some people add different colors ,but she did fine.The blue navy shirt reminds of when women work like secretary ,doctor and they have to wear there suits too .

The accessories that she is wearing are some necklace,bag ,ring. Accessories are always a good way to mix your outfit up.I love putting accessories,but some could make you look ridiculous .My younger sister who also loves accessories as i do ,she used to wear different colors and she looked super weird. Now that she is all grown up ,she knows how to dress up good.What do you think of her outfit? would you wear it ?Would you change anything?

Source link: http://www.chictopia.com/photo/show/616818-Rich+Colors+Giveaway+on+my+blog-blue-old-navy-top-magenta-pacsun-skirt-black-aldo-hee

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