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3 years ago

On with the empties...

I was recently asked if I would start sharing my empty products of the month it wasn`t something I knew for sure if I wanted to share I didn`t want to be criticized for how much product I buy and how little I use in a period plus I didn`t really want to make a separate video on such but I figured I would oblige to my subscribers and share my empties after all they do fit in nicely with my monthly favorites.

I`m a lotion freak I tell you after every shower and before bed every night I use lotion I even have my daughter started on this if only I was as faithful to my facial moisturizer as I am to my body lotion I would be good to go.

I finished 3 bottle of lotion total Philosophy Pure Grace Lotion I picked this up at TJ Maxx last summer because I was interested in seeing how I liked Grace my self a lot of people tend to favor the Philosophy Grace scents but I have to say my self I didn`t like Pure Grace and wouldn`t see my self trying any of the other "Grace" scents. Another lotion I finished and wasn`t to thrilled with was Victoria Secret Tahiti Secrets Lychee and Monoi Oil I picked this scent up about two years ago at a Semi Annual Sale and I had been using it on and off but it was time to just use it and finish it I have so many lotions that I open and start using and than I move onto another I hate being restricted to one scent but yet I have so many open products that I really need to commit to and finish. One lotion I did love and used up is a cult favorite Victoria Secret Lovespell are you seeing a trend with Victoria Secret I just really do adore Victoria Secret body care.

Two other products I finished were Bath & Body Works products lets face it I won`t lie I`m just not loving Bath & Body Works like I use to their scent selection doesn`t impress me anymore I feel like they are catering to the younger generation I`m 25 and don`t want to smell like a fruit basket that`s not to say I don`t like fruity scents I do but they have to be blended right I feel that Victoria Secret has nailed it with there fruity floral scents I feel those are more age appropriate for me so I am trying my hardest to phase out the majority of my Bath & Body Works body care I even donated a whole hoard of it to a local nursing home to residents who don`t get such luxuries. One shower gel I did finish was Bath & Body Works Rio Rumberry this is fruity there is no other way to put it to me it smells like a sangria which is basically sugared fruit with wine I liked this for summer and its been one of the few Bath & Body Works scents that have caught my attention. The last Bath & Body Works product I finished was a hand soap now I love Bath & Body Works for hand soaps that`s because Victoria Secret hasn`t dappled into that market yet lol! My finished hand soap with Bath & Body Works Pink Sugarplum Foaming Hand soap I love both the foaming or deep cleansing from Bath & Body Works I keep these soaps in both my bathrooms and kitchen next month you may see 2 of these empty!

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