It`s crazy how love works. One day you can fall for a guy, but then the next they can be gone. It can make you hurt so much that you can feel your heart breaking into a million tiny pieces. I`m gunna basically sum up what I learned about love over the past year. Well, to be seems great in the beginning, but when the relationship fails and your still in love with someone you feel yourself dying little by little inside. Although you might not be actually dying, you just might feel like it. It`s like when you want something really bad and your parents tell you that most likely you`ll get it. At the last second they tell you no. It sucks. Sometimes when you get out of a relationship the other person will tell you, "Gee honey, I`m just not feelin` it. Lets call it quits." Yeah, that`s when it really hurts because it`s like on repeat in your mind. They become all you think about. I`ve loved, got burnt, and learned from it. Being in a relationship for 9 months just isn`t something to "throw away". You put everything you have into it, or sometimes you don`t. How can someone go from being in love one day to the next saying, "oh hey beautiful..listen we`re done"? No, it doesn`t work like that. Girl, if you can`t see by the way your man is treating you. Then get the hell over it. There`s not much that can be done. Have you guys ever been heartbroken? I feel like my heart is in alaska somewhere`s. Wait no mars. He`s all that crowds my mind. It`s so bad I can`t even focus at school. I see these little middle schoolers that go around and say, "I love you sooo much babe, you`re my everything". No, just shut up. You don`t even know the meaning of love. You can`t explain it. It just kills. Help me? ); Any ideas on how I should cope? ):

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