Love Yourself First (Especially in Relationships)

3 years ago

Hi everyone, I hope you`re all having a wonderful day today! Something has been crossing my mind lately and I figured that I would share my thoughts and provide you all with some advice, that I can guarantee, will brighten up your mood.

If you`re from the United States like myself, then you know that summer is in full bloom which calls for what? *dating season!* Around this time of year it`s not a surprise to walk into a coffee shop and overhear a woman speak about how that Phil guy never called her back. I`m pretty sure we`ve all heard it- even some guys become upset because they want that summer romance! So right now I`m going to target you; the person who`s upset because they want that Nicholas Sparks love story, especially now that it`s warm and butterflies are in the air and in your stomach.

Let me start by asking you a question: are you happy? Not only happy with the life you live and the morals you choose to stand beside, but happy as in you`re proud of your health mentally, physically, internally, and emotionally? If the answer is no, you`re probably not in the position to start a relationship-- even if you`re just looking for a little fling with that hot UPS guy that brings you packages every morning or that guy who makes your drinks in that cute cafe shop down the road. You`re not going to be able to sustain a "thing" with them because you`re not mentally available. Shocker everyone: little "things" or "flings" like that are what actually lead to stable relationships and sometimes marriage! So why risk that when you know from the get-go that you`re not ready? Don`t force it, when you`re ready, your perfect partner will find you. Orrrr if you`re a hopeless romantic like myself, you`re prince charming will appear; I promise.

You see, take this small somewhat math-related analogy into perspective for a second. Relationships take 2, and if you`re looking for someone to fix you, you`re taking away your 1. You`re putting your 1 onto them, forcing your partner to carry the relationship solely; it`s not a relationship that takes 2 anymore.

Love yourself first. Know your value so that you don`t waste your time with those guys or girls who shower you with compliments but never take you out on a meaningful date or put in effort to listen to your struggles. You`re worth so much, heck, we all are! Accept your body and your imperfections; it doesn`t matter if you don`t have the straightest teeth, the tonest body, or that latest Chanel spring edition handbag that we`re secretly stalking online.

Until you love yourself, you`re never going to be as satisfied as you deserve. When your partner calls you beautiful you`re not going to really believe it, even if you shoot them a smile and thank them. The most efficient way to learn to accept who you are and gain a tremendous amount of confidence is to spend time alone. Yupp, be by yourself for 50% of your day every day for a week: that`s my little challenge to you. Whether you spend that time at work, at home, at the beach, it doesn`t matter. Really focus on yourself: where does your mind wander? Is it to something positive like that promotion you`re working towards, or is it negative like how many bills you have to pay? How do you feel about yourself on that day? Do you love your outfit or are you afraid that everyone`s judging your body? Keep an open attitude. If you`d like, perhaps keep a journal and write down how you`re feeling and why you`re feeling like that. If you feel marvelous all of the time; wonderful, that`s the plan! But if you`re not there yet, spend as much time as you need trying to discover who you are and what you live for.

In the end, believe that you`re a spectacular person as you are. Don`t worry about being forever alone or falling into relationships that are meaningless and in turn bring no significance or valuable change in your life. The reality is that there are billions upon billions of people in this world and you have to believe that at least one of them are looking for everything that you have to offer.

Now smile and go out and do something nice for yourself because you deserve nothing but the best!

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