Love story, I just needed to vent.

5 years ago

I normally don`t do these kind of things, but I needed to vent. So why not to Luuux. Well I`m a teenager. 14 to be exact. Never really expirenced love. But I had my first love with a guy I never even dated. He was my friend`s ex. And I loved him. Loved him before they started dating. His eyes made me fall deeper and deeper into them. His voice, his personallity put me in a state where all I thought was of him, and nothing else. Doing everything to be with him. Forgetting the ones I have been friends with for 5 years for him. He said he loved me, his hugs from behind me, made this grin I couldn`t get off my face. I smiled for so long my cheeks started to hurt. He sent me some ab pictures, which made me in aw for his body. But to find out he was telling 3 different girls he loved them. And that he wanted to be with them. Do you know how bad that hurt? Something that hurts me on the inside every minute. To think I almost gave up everything for a player.
I will be in love with him for a long time, and still am. But I won`t date him, or go back to him. What`s the point in getting hurt again. Nothing is worth him hurting me. I`m sorry if you dislike it. Or delete it. But I had to vent.

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