Love it or hate it - nail polish remover

I do my nails not constantly but you know, once, twice a week I`d say so I do go through bottles of nail polish remover at least every month depending on the size.


Up and Up brand (by Target) is an ok remover, I don`t HATE it, hate it, but it`s not one I`d repurchase. the brand is marketed as "comparable to ..." so I expect to perform just like the one it`s being compared to, however, that`s not the case with it. I find that I have to use a lot and let it soak my nail polish in order to remove it all. that of course makes the process take even longer and that`s not something I like.


Cutex nail polish remover. this particular one seems to contain more acetone than the Up and Up one which might explain why it removes the nail polish faster and just all around better. I know that considering how often I use them I should probably be buying non-acetone ones but it just doesn`t seem to be affecting my nails at the moment.

the bottom line is, although the Up and UP is about $1.50 to $2 cheaper, it means nothing if I have to use more of it to do the job of the other brand that costs $2 more.

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