love hate relationship

I fell in love in Japan for so many reasons. One being any store you walked in
smelled extremely delicious and I kept seeing these air fashioners in every
store in the mall air fresheners. At one point I just got so mesmerized that I
had to start asking people where they getting these machines . And that`s where
I found out that they actually called water air refresher . So what`s the big
deal well you fill your tank with tap water till the maximum line you put a
couple of drops of your favorite scented oil I purchased ocean mist relaxing and
it smells amazing I`m going to be really sad when this runs out anyhow with
OneTap it turns on and your water goes round and round and then disinfecting
deodorant the air along with the aroma another thing I love about it it has A
LED lights you can turn on and offAnd it`s not noisy at all
It`s small so I can move it room to room so what`s the problem you say when I
was in Japan I swear to you I purchased this thing for $20 now that I`m home and
I understand what it is I wish I could get another one I go on Amazon and eBay
everywhere these things are $100 and more The cheapest one I seen was $80 so
that`s why have a love hate relationship do you guys any of you have a water air

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