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3 years ago

Love amp Beauty Nail Polish: Camel

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Love & Beauty Nail Polish in Camel (B5606)
You can purchase Love & Beauty polishes at your local F21 or online for only $2.80! The formula for this polish in particular is pretty runny compared to my brick red polish from the same line for some reason though, but it`s still easy to work with! (Standard brush)

They have a ton of colors and I always picked up this polish but thought that it would make me look dead but I actually really love it now that I`m trying it out. Perfect for the office/work! I`m a sucker for nudes. It`s a very light taupe nude color, not exactly camel but i`m hoping the picture quality helps.. the color is a bit deeper in person and the lighting lifts the color but I`m sure you guys get it! I can be horrible at color comparisons lol. Hope you all enjoyed and I will get back to catching up on LUUUX asap!! <33

<a href="http://www.luuux.com/health-beauty/current-nail-care-routine-products?blog_id=17612&quot;&gt;Click here to find out what base/top coat I use as well as my nail care routine!</a>

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