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4 years ago

For the girls who wears eyelashes out there, how many boxes do you have?
I feel like i have so many, probably way too many and it is crazy cause i keep buying more anyways! I got most of my bigger boxes of eyelashes from either china or vietnam when one of my friends go on vacation, but otherwise i usually get them from daiso cause they`re cheap and they have this specific style that i like. I dont typically buy the pair of 10 box of eyelashes from night market or the chinese stores cause i know how much they really are when you buy it from other countries. They sell the bigger box of lashes at $10 a box at night market and other stores but really in china its only about 1-2 dollars a box. In vietnam however, its even CHEAPER, my friends have told me that each box of 10 is LESS than a dollar a box canadian. THATS INSANE, they charge you $10 a box when they really only get it for about a dollar, such a rip off. I`ve seen on ebay that you can also buy them too, and its only about $2-$5. So for the ladies out there who wears fake lashes i suggest you buy from ebay because you are seriously getting ripped off. The smaller boxes of lashes i got from daiso
ANYWAYS, that was my 2 cents on eyelashes.
So ladies where do you get your lashes from? How much do you pay for them?
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