LOTD: yummy ramen (new technique??)

4 years ago

My mom hid some Mama noodles in the pantry from me and my sister (which just happen to be my favorite ramen noodles of all time). She got them out since we had nothing else to eat and I was one happy girl! I haven`t had these in forever and I had to fix my ramen craving with nasty substitutes (well not nasty, but they tasted average). My boyfriend doesn`t agree with me that Mama noodles are the best, though. He says that they are a bit too lemon-y.

Anyways, my mom cooked her noodles a different way than I have been doing it all my life, so I copied her this one time to see which technique I liked better. Here`s what we both did:

Heat up water in a sauce pan. Once the water boils, add in the ramen. Take out the noodles when they are tender and ready. Drain the noodles. Add in seasoning and mix together. Ta-da!

I am aware that others do this, but I never cooked my ramen this way before, and I like this way a lot better! I used to always have water in the ramen and mix the seasoning with it. It lost a lot of its flavor due to the water. Now I know how to cook my ramen! Yum!!

-Picture is mine.

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