LOTD: Shrimp Spaghetti

4 years ago

So since I have no school today, I decided to stay home (I usually go to the library to study) and since I stayed home, I was able to make myself a good lunch!

So I`m no cook or anything but sometimes if I get creative I will cook something out of the ordinary lol! So for today, I decided to make myself shrimp spaghetti!

<strong>What`s In It?</strong>
<ol> <li>4 tiger shrimps (defrosted and cleaned, then cut into chunks)</li> <li>tomato sauce</li> <li>chopped up veggies (I have tomatoes and cucumbers in there)</li> <li>spaghetti (but you can use any type of pasta you want!)</li> <li>pepper flakes (this is optional if you don`t like spicy!)</li> <li>corn starch</li> <li>2 cloves of garlic, minced</li> <li>salt and pepper to taste</li> </ol>

<strong>What to Do:</strong>
<ol> <li>Like I said in the ingredient above, defrost your shrimp and clean it out good, you don`t wanna be eating its intestines and stuff! Once you`ve done that pat it dry with a paper towel and then chop it into bit size chunks. Put it into a bowl.</li> <li>Boil up the water for your pasta and cook your past to al dente. Once it`s done cooking, strain your pasta in a colander and run it under cold water to stop it from cooking more!</li> <li>Use salt and pepper to season your shrimp and then sprinkle corn starch on it as well to coat it, I dunno why I use corn starch, but it`s something I`ve always done with shrimp!</li> <li>In a medium frying pan, on medium heat, with a little bit of oil, add your garlic and shrimp and fry until your shrimp are almost fully cooked.</li> <li>Add your pasta into the frying pan, add a little more oil if needed and fry the shrimp and pasta together. Add your pepper flakes at this time!</li> <li>Then pouring in your tomato sauce and your chopped up veggies and mix away until everything is cooked and everything is coated in tomato sauce!</li></ol>

So usually, if I eat pasta, I don`t really take the time to put in meat or anything because I like things quick, but I decided, since I had time to spoil myself with some shrimp in there!

Give it a try and add your own twist to it!

What do you think? Do you like pasta?

*Picture is mine!

Thanks for reading :)

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