LOTD: Red Lobster!

4 years ago

I am SUCH a huge fan of Red Lobster! The food is really good, their biscuits are the best & they have great deals from time to time, and this was one of those times. They had a great deal of 4 courses for $15, you got to pick your salad, soup, main course & dessert! I`m just going to jump in and let you know what i ate! :d yum yum!

They had 2 options for salad & that was cesar & garden, i picked garden & it was goood! For soups they had a few options but the only one that sounded good to me was clam chowder, i`ve personally never tried clam chowder but this was really good, it wasnt a huge cup of soup but it wasnt a small amount. It was creamy and didnt need anything added to it but a spoon :d lol. There were several options for the main dish but i went with what i thought would be the best which was shrimp with 2 sides. I got rice pilaf & veggies. The shrimp were really good, grilled and flavorful, the rice they have is really tasty! The veggies are what didnt wow me. They were a bit tough from not being cooked long enough, they didnt serve me a lot of veggies and they were big chunks. but i ate it anyways. It came with cocktail sauce but i didnt use it. Now for dessert they had i believe 2 choices which was a caramel cheesecake with a scoop of ice cream or a brownie with ice cream, of course me being the chocolate lover that i am i went with the chocolate brownie. By the time i got my dessert my ice cream was already starting to melt which i didnt appreciate but i still ate it. The brownie was unlike any brownie ive ever had, it was nice and warm, the chocolate was sooo rich, and it had chunks of chocolate. sooo yummy!! I didnt finish my main dish since i ate so much plus i ate a ton of biscuits. I love it when Red Lobster has deals and promotions like endless shrimp and this! Defiantely worth a try if you`re a seafood lover!!

-Have you ever eaten at Red Lobster??

***Picchas are mine, please do not take!

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