LOTD: quotCheaterquot Tofu Stirfry

I call this my "cheater" stirfry because I cheat by using pre-made stirfry sauce from a jar. I do like to make stirfries from scratch with my own homemade sauces whenever I can, but sometimes I just need something quicker and easier and that`s when I turn to ready-made sauce. Today I made a cheater stirfy for lunch with tofu, veggies and egg noodles. It`s extremely simply to make yourself, and you can throw in whatever protein and veggies you like best!

You`ll need:
-a wok or pan
-sesame oil (other oils are ok too, but sesame oil has more flavour)
-a jar of stirfry/cooking sauce
-vegetables of your choice
-firm tofu
-noodles or rice

The first step is to prep the tofu. Drain it and then set it on a plate lined with paper towels. Place more paper towels on top of the tofu, and then weigh it down with something heavy like a plate, a cutting board or something in a can. Try to leave it for at least half an hour. This step is crucial because it presses the water out the tofu, which will then allow the tofu to soak up the sauce and flavours of the stirfry. Don`t skip this step or you may have watery, bland tofu.

Once you`ve pressed the water out of the tofu, cut it into squares or strips and marinate it. Today, I made a really basic marinade with a few splashes of soy sauce, a splash of rice vinegar, a splash of thai chili sauce, a splash of sesame oil, a little bit of dijon mustard, and a pinch of garlic powder and pepper. I don`t measure anything, because it`s not important to have exact amounts. The point is just to jack up the flavour of the tofu. Experiment with whatever ingredients you like or buy a pre-made marinade at the store. Mix it all up and let the tofu soak it in for at least half an hour.

While your tofu is marinating, heat a few tablespoons of sesame oil in your wok. Mince a few few cloves of garlic and toss them in. Then go ahead and chop your veggies. Today, I used mushrooms, broccoli, an onion and some bell peppers, but you can really use any combination of veggies. Once the wok is hot, throw your veggies in and cook until they`re softened but still crisp, usually about 6-8 minutes. When the veggies are cooked to your taste, throw in the tofu and jar of sauce. Today I had a VH brand "thai market" sauce, which basically tasted like a sweet pad-thai style sauce. Meanwhile, cook up some rice or noodles to serve the stirfry over. Today I went with egg noodles. When everything is heated through, serve it up and enjoy!

What kind of sauce do you like on your stirfry?

*Images and recipe are my own

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