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4 years ago

*pictures are all my own*

ok, so i am OBSESSED with pho. i used to go every week with my friends since middle school, haha! when i lived in la during college, there weren`t any good pho places near me, so i`ve missed it quite a bit.

but i`m back in the bay area, so i`ve been back to being surrounded by amazing pho places! anyways, i`m rambling.

i go to this pho place i`ve been going to since i was probably 13 or 14. it`s inside of the pacific east mall (the ranch 99 mall). I always order number 12, which is a pho with rare strip steak and another meat that`s really good.

they can do a medium bowl or a large bowl, but no matter how hungry i am, i could almost never finish a large bowl! i love to put sriracha in mine because sriracha makes everything better :)

also, it was very affordable. i think the bowl was like $6.50. So good!

do you guys eat pho? if you`re in the bay area, where do you go for pho?

thanks for reading!

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