LOTD: Mixed Fruit Shaved Ice

4 years ago

I`m not sure if everyone has these days, but there are days where real food just has absolutely no appeal to me. I normally would crave a huge plate of pasta or a giant bowl of pho, but nope, not today. The thought of any real food just grossed me out. Instead of starving to death, I went over to this Chinese/Taiwanese cafe near campus with the intention of trying to eat something.

Instead of ordering real food, we ended up ordering a huge mixed fruit shaved ice! It was the only thing that I felt that I could stomach. It came in a giant bowl filled with ice, condensed milk, strawberries, mangoes, apples, kiwi, melons, a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream, and a mountain of whipped cream with some adorable sprinkles on top. It was absolutely delicious!!! There`s something about condensed milk, ice, and fruits that always draw me in. Between the 4 of us, 3 girls and 1 guy, we couldn`t finish. But then again we also had gigantic mugs of boba to go along with it.

The shaved iced was extremely satisfying, especially since it warmed up a bit today. I`m still stuffed despite having eaten this a good 6 or so hours ago. It wasn`t the best shaved ice I`ve had, but it was pretty darn good. It was $7.50 for a giant tub of shaved ice which I think is extremely well worth it. I`m definitely going to have to stop by again and get this in every flavor! So what did you have for lunch today? Do you ever have days where real food doesn`t appeal to you?

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