[LOTD] Mi Goreng and Asparagus Bento

5 years ago

This was my lunch for the day!

♣ Mi Goreng with some scrambled egg
♣ Blanched asparagus
♣ In a metal bento! :)

Mi Goreng is an Indoneasian/Malaysian/Singaporean friend noodle dish :3 Usually it`s eaten with an over-easy egg and some meat, but I was in a hurry so I just made it plain (no meat). Also, I was bringing this with me to eat while I was at school so partially uncooked egg is not very safe to eat long after it cools down/waiting so long. Therefore, I just scrambled the egg into the noodles :) Still yummy, in my opinion.

The Mi Goreng I ate is actually a an instant version (brand: Indomie, if you`re interested haha) so it`s not thatttt healthy (you know, MSG, perservatives all that unhealthy stuff that comes with instant foods) so I blanched on some asparagus to make the meal a bit healthier.

Yeah, usually I try to make healthier foods for lunch, especially if I`m going to be on campus all day and need to pack one. But, I woke up late so I needed something quick and easy :(

Do you guys pack lunches? If so, what`s your usual staple lunch item? :3

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