LOTD: McDonald`s Chicken McBites

5 years ago

Since I haven`t been grocery shopping, I didn`t have any food for lunch. Plus everyone was still in class so I had no one to eat with me :[. I didn`t have time to go to the store so I decided to get some fast food. I decided to get some McDonald`s after seeing an advertisement for their new chicken McBites. It`s McDonald`s take on popcorn chicken and looked kind of interesting.

I decided to get the meal since I wanted fries :]. It was pretty cheap which is great for me wallet. I got the regular sized McBites, medium fries, and a medium diet coke. The fries and coke tasted same and I`m sure most of you`ve had them before. The thing I was excited to try was the chicken. It`s just a bunch of little bite sized pieces of chicken. The container it comes in is pretty cool, there`s a designated spot for for your dipping sauce.

Unfortunately, the container and sauce were the only good things about the chicken. The chicken had way too much breading and almost no chicken. The pieces that did have chicken had so little you could barely tell you were eating something other than breading. I much prefer KFC`s, but even then I`m not a huge popcorn chicken fan unless it`s from a boba/bubble tea shop.

I was dissapointed with my meal, but you can`t expect too much from McDonalds. The fries were tasty though, that was the only saving grace. Luckily, the meal was inexpensive, less than $5. I wouldn`t recommend the McBites to anyone. I would say get the nuggets instead or go to a boba shop and get some tasty popcorn chicken there. So have any of you tried the McBites yet? I`m not sure if it`s available everywhere, maybe it`s just a US thing for now.

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