Lotd: Korean Sushi

4 years ago

One of the older ladies at work gave my boyfriend`s mom this Korean sushi, who gave it to my boyfriend, who later shared it with me! Lol :P Before my boyfriend even told me what kind of sushi it was, I already knew because my mom and I bought one before at the Asian supermarket and this sushi has a particular look to it because of the seaweed that the sushi is wrapped in. It`s extremely shiny and black. Inside, there`s spam, egg, and pickled carrots and veggies. I love spam and egg, so I was excited to try it. It didn`t turn out as yummy as I expected, but it`s okay. We didn`t eat it with soy sauce because one, we were too lazy to get any, and two, I ran out!

Korean sushi is not my favorite kind of sushi. I prefer ones with rice on the outside, like California rolls, with eel sauce! And lots of avocados!! Lol. I also like to have ginger on the side. The crunch up any meal!

Have you ever had Korean sushi before?

-Pictures are mine.

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