LOTD: Korean Lunch Box - Fried Pork Cutlets (Tonkatsu) amp Much More!

4 years ago

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Hey Luuux Foodlings ^^
Today, a close friend and I went out to lunch at a Korean restaurant called Seoul Garden. It`s the only real Korean restaurant in our area, and although it`s a little on the pricier side, their prices aren`t too bad for lunch :D We know what the good meals and deals are at this restaurant, so our experience is always great :) Although the service isn`t up to par with the ambience, the food is always satisfying!


<strong>What I Ordered</strong>:
<strong>Fried Pork Cutlet (Tonkatsu) Lunch Box ( )</strong> ($8.99): It came with a bunch of different things, as you can see ^^ On the top left, there are 2 tempura vegetables (korean squash) and a fried dumpling. To the right of that was a fried pepper of some sort with a creamy sweet & tangy sauce. On the top right was a salad with ginger dressing. On the bottom left were the fried pork cutlets over a bed of cabbage slices. In the middle was the pork cutlet sauce, and below that was a randomly made sushi roll. Finally, on the bottom right was the rice!
<strong>Miso Soup</strong>: This was complementary with the lunch box order :) Like usual, there were scallions and small tofu squares in it, just the way I like it ^^

<strong>Complementary Side Dishes</strong> (from left to right):
Korean-Style Pickled Cucumbers
Kimchi (of course!)
Fish Cakes
Seasoned & Steamed Bean Sprouts


For only $8.99, this meal was incredibly fulfilling and delicious! I love the lunch boxes they offer at the restaurant because they give you so many great things to try for a great price! Fried Pork Cutlets, also known as Tonkatsu (), are really good! If you haven`t tried them before, definitely visit your nearest Korean/Japanese restaurant and give it a try ^^ Also, if you like Korean food, but think it`s a little pricey, definitely check the restaurant out during lunch! They usually offer lower-priced meals for the same amount of food!

<em>Let me know what you thought of this meal in a comment below! Have you tried Tonkatsu/Fried Pork Cutlets before? Do you like Korean food? If so, what`s your favorite food?</em>

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