LOTD: Korean Deep Fried Sweet amp Sour Pork (Tang Soo Yook)!

4 years ago

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Happy Thanksgiving Luuux Foodlings! ^^
This isn`t my Thanksgiving meal post, but that will be coming later :D My boyfriend and I enjoy looking up different recipes and cooking together, so a few days ago, we decided to try and make this deep fried sweet & sour pork (aka Tang Soo Yook/)! :D I`m pretty sure it`s inspired by Americanized Chinese food, but it tastes much different and it`s pretty darn amazing :) It wasn`t too difficult to make (more messy than it is difficult), and it was delicious!


<strong>Tang Soo Yook</strong>, or , is basically a deep fried meat dish with a sweet & sour sauce poured over it. For the meat, you can use whatever you like, but most Korean people prefer it as a pork dish :)

<strong>Ingredients Used</strong>:
Pork Loin (or you can use Chicken Breast)
Cooking Oil (for deep frying)
Potato Starch
Salt & Pepper
Ground/Blended Ginger
Ground Garlic (optional)
Canned Fruit (preferably one with pineapples)
Soy Sauce
White & Brown Sugar (if both available)

<strong>Simplified Recipe</strong>:
<strong>Step 1) The Meat</strong>
Take whatever meat you choose and slice it into smaller pieces. You season the meat with salt, pepper, and the ground ginger & garlic. Next you lather and mix the meat in the batter you make (potato starch, eggs, & water). Then, you heat up the cooking oil to begin deep frying. <em>It is recommended that for deep frying you use oils with a high smoke point, such as Canola Oil</em>. Deep fry the pork until the outside is a light golden brown, then take out the pieces and let cool. Deep fry once more for extra crispiness (this step is pretty crucial if you don`t want the fried batter to get soggy).

<strong>Step 2) The Sauce</strong>
First, you slice the cucumber, carrots, and onion into smaller pieces. Next, mix water, soy sauce, vinegar, and white & brown sugar in a pot and boil. Once boiling, place the vegetables into the pot and let sit for about 5-10 minutes. After that, add a bit of potato starch to thicken the sauce. Mix thoroughly and wait about a minute or two for it to thicken. Finally, add about half of the canned fruit mix into the sauce.

<strong>Step 3) Final Touches & Enjoy!</strong>
After the sauce is thickened, pour on top of the fried meat, serve, and dig in! :D


That`s it for this LOTD post :D I always like to include at least an idea of how I made the things because I enjoy sharing it with all of you! I apologize that I didn`t include exact measurements, but if you`re interested in them, I can message them to you! If you`ve never deep fried anything before, be warned, it is pretty messy and can be dangerous. Just make sure you`re watching the oil at all times, don`t heat it for too long with nothing frying in it, and NEVER add water to the oil!

Overall, the dish turned out delicious! ^^ Korean people usually eat it as a side when they order Jja Jang Myun/, which is a Korean Black Bean Sauce Noodle Dish :D I personally like to eat it with rice and kimchi or radish kimchi, but my boyfriend said that`s weird :P I guess it`s usually eaten alone, but I don`t like just eating meat by itself. In the end, he ate it with rice & kimchi with me ^_^ The fruit pieces add such a nice touch of sweetness to the slight saltiness of the pork and kimchi :D Hope you enjoyed this post!

<em>Tell Me: Have you ever tried Tang Soo Yook before? If so, how was it? If not, are you interested in trying it? Let me know in your comments below! If you have any questions, leave those down below as well! ^^</em>

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