LOTD: fried chicken, wings, amp potato wedges

4 years ago

My boyfriend and I spent the day together yesterday and it was luuuunnncchhhh tttiiimmmee! We love breakfast time, lunch time, snack time, and dinner time! Lol. I`m glad he picked a yummy and different place this time. I was going to pick the usual: McDonalds lol. He recommended getting something from Fry`s deli.

We ended up getting:

1. 8 piece Fried Chicken: We got a mixture of drumsticks and thighs. It was really delicious, given it coming from a grocery store! I loved it. I had like 3 pieces lol.

2. 1/2 pound Chicken Wings: These my boyfriend finished in like 5 minutes lol. We were just getting ready like getting the plates and napkins and my boyfriend saved 1 for me by the time everything was set lol. These were really good! Deliciously sweet.

3. 1/2 pound Potato Wedges: My boyfriend wanted to get 1 pound, but I`m glad we didn`t because we had some leftover. These weren`t as good as I remembered and they got soggy fast! I enjoyed the other two more than these potato wedges.

(I had more food than in the picture, I just wanted to show you the food before my plate got dirty lol)

What did you have for lunch?

-Picture is mine.

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