LOTD: Fried Chicken, Pastries, and Red Velvet Cake!

4 years ago

Hi Luuuxers! I wanted to share the lunch that I had today because it was really yummy and great! I have been so unhealthy lately because I have been kind of busy lately and neither my mom or my sister have had time to cook every meal of our day so I`ve had to eat out a bit for stuff like fried chicken and unhealthy food >.< Of course, I enjoy junky foods once in a while and I just wanted to share the meal that I had today because its just particularly good! The pictures looked irresistible as well so I had to post them because they look so scrumptious and wonderful

First, I went to Kroger to get their pre-cooked fried chicken and believe it or not, it was actually pretty good! I`ve never really thought that places like Kroger would sell good pre-made food but as for the fried chicken, it was great! Perfectly warm and tasty... Yum! After I went to pick up my fried chicken, I stopped by 99 Ranch, an Asian supermarket, and I got some of their yummy looking pastries because I was feeling like I wanted some unhealthy food! The pastry that I picked up and ate with my lunch was a yummy sweet bread thing with sweet cream and fruits on the top. This part was super good because the cream tasted really great with the fruits. Lastly, I got some red velvet cake leftovers that my mom`s friend made for us a few days ago and decided to eat what was left which is the HUGE chunk shown in the picture :P It kind of tasted like a cheesecake because they cream was a teeny bit sour but it was delicious nontheless!

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