LOTD: Fancy Dim Sum

4 years ago

For lunch the other day, my family and I went to this one upscale dim sum place nearby. It was like any other dim sum experience, I had my har gow, siu mai, rice noodle, etc... but since my dad knows the owner so he brought us each over some super fancy dim sum stuff. I don`t particularly remember the first thing he brought over because it looked kind of weird and I didn`t try it, but the second thing he gave us was pretty interesting.

It was a gigantic har gow in a bowl of abalone soup. It came on a gold rimmed plate, to make it look extra fancy haha. In my 20 years of dim sum-ing, this was entirely new to me. It was extremely tasty though. The har gow was like any other har gow except gigantic, there were like 5 whole pieces of shrimp inside the wrapper. The soup was also very tasty and complemented the har gow nicely. I wasn`t sure how to eat it so I just broke the har gow into pieces and scooped up some soup with each piece. I`m not sure if that`s right but it was really tasty.

The food here ranges from $3-7 but this particular dish goes for about $9-$10 each since it`s an extra large item and served in a very "fancy" manner. I don`t think I would make this a regular item but I definitely will get it again. Have you ever tried something like this before? Does it sound like something you would like to try?

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