LOTD: Chipotle Part 2

5 years ago

I just took my ochem midterm and now I feel so free :]. No more 12 hour study days!!! Time to catch up on Luuux. So be prepared for a bunch of belated posts haha.

So sometime last week, I went to Chipotle again since my friend wanted it. This was my second time there and I decided to get a bowl since everyone was saying you get more food than the burrito. Plus you can get a tortilla on the side (for free!) so you can make your own burrito. That`s what I did since I`m poor so any extra food is accepted with open arms :].

I got chicken of course since that`s my preferred meat. I got white rice, pinto beans, sour cream, salsa, lettuce, and corn. It all came in a huge dish and the tortilla was wrapped in some foil. For half of it, I made tiny burritos with ripped bits of tortilla, for the other half I just ate it straight from the bowl. It was really tasty like the first time. It was super flavorful, you could taste everything! I now prefer the bowls over the burrito since you can always pack the rest to go without having to worry about it getting soggy.

I still find it really weird that I like Chipotle since I`m not usually a burrito person. Oh well, it was tasty and relatively inexpensive for so much food, I think around $7. I still had about half left over so I ate it for dinner. Even cold it was delicious! So are you a fan of Chipotle? What do you get when you`re there?

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