Lotd: Chinese food for a Baptism!

4 years ago

My mom`s friends had a baptism for their little boy. They had a party for his birthday/baptism. At the party, they had a buffet filled with Chinese food, flan, grapes, strawberries, coffee, cream, salad, and bread and butter. It was super fancy and so pretty. They had vines and sugar cane as decorations for the tables and they had centerpieces for each table of long flowers extending down.

I decided to get a little bit of everything so that I can see what I like and don`t like so I can get seconds (or thirds ;P) of what I do like.

Here`s what I got:

- white rice: this seems to be popular because there were barely any left!

- fried rice: I thought this was a funny orange color. I ended up not liking it that much. It was plain tasting.

- chow mein: this was good! the noodles were really soft

- beef and broccoli: the beef was okay, but the broccoli was amazing! crunchy

- orange chicken: I love orange chicken! this was super good!

- egg roll: this wasn`t that good. just by looking at it, my mom and a friend knew it wasn`t going to be good, but I got it anyway just to try.

- honey walnut shrimp: this is my new obsession! I tried it when I was younger but didn`t like it because it was too sweet, but rediscovered it at Panda Express not too long ago!

-Pictures are mine.

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