LOTD: Chicken amp Avocado Sandwich, Sweet Potato Fries, amp Omelette!

4 years ago

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Remember to click the pictures for the best possible quality & clarity (: Hey Luuux Foodlings! :D For lunch a little while ago, my boyfriend and I decided to make a visit to The Cheesecake Factory! I love TCF, but my boyfriend had never been, so I definitely wanted to take him before he left the States forever! We went for lunch because it`s definitely less expensive during lunch hours :) Keep reading to see exactly what we ordered ^^ ______________________________________________________________________
Grilled Chicken and Avocado Club: TCF sandwiches are actually very nice :) Fresh ingredients and great combinations for decent prices~ This sandwich includes:
Grilled Chicken Breast, Avocado, Bacon, Tomato, Melted Swiss, and Herb Mayonnaise. I love avocados in my sandwiches, and that with everything else in the sandwich was just perfect <3 I`m sure you can easily make this at home, but it was put together really well and all of the meat was cooked nicely :)
Sweet Potato Fries: The sandwich comes with your choice of either French Fries or a Green Salad, so I chose to get a Sweet Potato Fries substitute :) It costed a little extra, but I love sweet potato fries! Definitely a healthier alternative to regular fries, and I think they taste much better :D
California Omelette: My boyfriend loves omelettes, so he chose to get this one that included:
Avocado, Mushrooms, Green Onion, Tomato, Garlic, Shallots, Sour Cream, Jack Cheddar, and Swiss Cheese. I`m not a fan of eggs, so didn`t try it, but he said it was pretty good :) It also came with a side of hashbrowns and some toast~
Complementary Bread: TCF also gives you complementary bread during lunch, so we of course enjoyed that as well :D I didn`t take a picture of it though, because I`ve already featured it in one of my posts before~ I absolutely love their Pumpernickel Bread though <3 My boyfriend liked it too! ______________________________________________________________________ That`s it for this LOTD post! All of the food was delicious, but unfortunately our waiter was inattentive and barely came by our table to fill our water glasses :T Sadly, that turned my boyfriend off to The Cheesecake Factory :( The dishes are still a bit pricier than your average diner, so I feel that the service should be superb~ Although the food was great, I doubt I`ll be visiting TCF again with my boyfriend T_T I just wanted to add, I`m currently holding a giveaway, so check that out if you`re interested in cosmetics, nail polish, and necklaces! /viz/glorias-2012-holiday-giveaway-re-post I`d greatly appreciate it if you entered ^^
Tell Me: Do you like The Cheesecake Factory? If so, what is your favorite dish there? Would you like to try any of the dishes I mentioned in this post if you visited? Let me know in your comments below! :D
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