LOTD: Ceaser Salad and Thai Tea

4 years ago

I`m stuck at school studying for my physics midterm which seriously sucks. Since it`s so hot here in So. Cal I wanted something fresh and cool for lunch so I decided a salad would be my best bet. Since I didn`t have any of the ingredients at home, I stopped by the market to pick up the ingredients. I`ll find any reason to not study haha.

Right after my little shopping trip, my friend called me and asked if I wanted to go get some Thai tea. I`ve never had Thai tea before so I though this would be a good time to finally give it a try. We stopped by this local Thai restaurant which I found a bit weird since I would have thought to go to a boba shop. My friend told me that this place had the best Thai tea and even though it`s pricey, it`s definitely worth it. It comes topped with whipped cream which already sounded amazing.

It was SOOOO tasty! How have I never tried Thai tea?!?! The only way I can explain it is that it`s a sweet and creamy version of milk tea and orange! After we got that, we went back to my house and made salads! We just threw everything in a huge bowl and mixed it all up. It was kind of a weird combination but it was surprisingly good. The salad was very crisp and cool and the drink complimented the savory/sourness of the salad. I`m so glad that I tried Thai Tea. It`s definitely going to become one of my top drinks to order. So what did you have for lunch? Have you ever had thai tea?

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