LOTD: Bulgogi From Young Dong

5 years ago

For lunch today, I went to Young Dong Tofu House in San Gabriel with some friends. There are 3 locations, the one in San Gabriel, one in Arcadia, and one in Chino Hills I think. They`re known for their tofu, but I wasn`t really feeling tofu so I just ordered off their special menu. They don`t really have an extensive menu which makes it a bit easier to pick something.

I decided to get bulgogi since both of my other friends got galbi and tofu. We ended up sharing most of our food so it didn`t really matter. Before out food came, we got a bunch of sides. There was kim chi, this squid thing, korean pancake, seaweed, bell sprouts, and salad. The pancake was really tasted so we ended up asking for refills twice. Everything else was decent.

When our food came, my friends got their tofu and galbi and I got my bulgogi. Everything was there...except for the rice. We seriously waited 45 minutes for rice -____-. The rice came in a stone pot with a couple of peas inside. It was extremely hot which was good since my meat was pretty cold by then, even on the hot plate. The portions have shrunk quite a bit but there wars still more food then I could handle. My bulgogi was really tasty even when it was cold. It was perfectly marinaded and each bite was very flavorful. The galbi wasn`t as tasty and VERY fat so I lucked out in a sense.

Overall we were full but dissapointed with the service. Waiting 45 minutes just for rice is ridiculous. Plus it was really expensive even though it was lunch prices. My meal came out to be $13 which came with bulgogi, rice, and all the sides. I probably won`t be coming back since there was horrible service and it was way to expensive. I could get the same food in Ktown for half that and still get more food. So have any of you ever tried out Young Dong?

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