LOTD: bowl noodle soup (spicy chicken flavor)

4 years ago

I had a craving for ramen not too long ago, so my boyfriend took me on base where we bought 2 Oriental ramen, 2 chicken flavored ramen, 2 Bowl Noodle Soups in spicy chicken, and 1 cheddar ramen. A lot of ramen, I know! They were cheap, though. The majority of them were like 30 cents, but the Bowl Noodle Soups were almost $1 each.

For lunch, my boyfriend and I each had one Bowl Noodle Soup in spicy chicken. I just took hot water from my handy water dispenser and covered them with their lid and waited a couple minutes. I usually would put a pair of chopsticks or a fork on top of the lid to prevent any heat to escape from cooking the noodles. Afterwards, I got the seasoning packet it comes with and dumped it in the soup and mixed.

The Bowl Noodle soup in spicy chicken was all right. Not the best out there (my favorite is still the MAMA brand, but they didn`t sell any at the base when we went). It was definitely very filling, and all the ramen I`ve been eating really put an end to my ramen craving! I definitely won`t be having anymore anytime soon because packaged ramen like this is very bad for your health. You should definitely watch your ramen intake!

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