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Before my ochem class, my friends and I decided to go and get some sushi later. We went to this one place that`s about 15 minutes away since they have the best variety of fresh sushi at a very reasonable price, plus it was all you can eat! I`ve been going to a lot of AYCE places lately, I wouldn`t be surprised if I gain like 50 lbs haha.

This place is really popular with college students and the residents so it`s always packed. Luckily right when we walked in, there was a table empty. The group of people right behind us had to wait! We get 3 rounds to order in an hours time. It doesn`t sound like a lot of time, and it`s not, that`s why we have to strategize! We ordered a bunch of stuff the first round, and then gradually order more on the second and third round. We never got to the third since we were so full.

I wasn`t able to take pictures of everything since my phone died. The first thing we ordered was a diablo roll which is a crunch roll topped with scallops and fish eggs. This is my absolute favorite roll here! It`s soo tasty and the sauce that comes on top of it is delicious. It`s hard to explain, but it`s my favorite lol. I don`t remember the names of the rest but 2 rolls were spicy crunch rolls with avocado, another 2 were tempura rolls with tuna, salmon, and avocado, one was a spicy crab roll wrapped in tuna, and one was a tempura roll topped with salmon. They all came with different sauces and fish eggs. We also ordered 3 plates of vegetable tempura, some miso soup, and some chicken teriyaki.

We were there for less than an hour and left in a food coma. It was all very tasty and fresh. Unlike a bunch of other places where you get AYCE on different variations of california rolls, this place has actual sushi. They have an amazing array of other rolls but none of us wanted them. Since it was a little before 3, we paid lunch rate which is $19, dinner is around $27. Definitely not a bad price for fresh, tasty sushi! So what did you have for lunch today? Are you a fan of sushi? What`s your favorite?

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