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4 years ago

The best foods to eat uptown are Asian food, whether it be Japanese, Korean or Chinese. It's a lot cheaper in Markham than it is Downtown and for the most part, it is more authentic as it serves more of the Asian community rather than the Western community hence the tastes are more traditional.

My boyfriend and I went to Cafe Coco which is a Hong Kong Style Cafe Restaurant that serves mostly Cantonese and Hong Kong cuisine.

I wasn`t feeling too hungry so I decided to just eat shrimp dumplings in broth.

Shrimp Dumplings, called "Sui Kow" is like the Shrimp Wonton but with one key difference, it`s the shape of the dumpling. Wontons are more globular while "Siu Kow" is more oval and long.

I was glad that this restaurant served their "Sui Kow" with no pork fillers. Usually, some restaurants would cheap out and rather than giving you a dumpling with all shrimp, they add pork fillers in. As I`m not a fan of pork, all shrimp dumplings are the best for me. Another part I like about the "Sui Kow" are the use of Wood Ear Fungus. It`s a very rubbery and chewy fungus that`s very good for your body. It also absorbs a lot of taste of other foods, so it helps enhance the flavor.

The broth is a basic wonton broth with chives. I added about a tablespoon of white pepper because I like it spicy =) and I love the taste of white pepper.

What do you guys think of my lunch?

*photo is mine*


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