LOTD - Ham amp Cheese Omelet w Toast

5 years ago

This is my lunch from this afternoon. I wasn`t entirely sure what I wanted to eat, but I did know I wanted it to pack a punch in the protein department. When I peered into the fridge, I decided to go with eggs -- but I didn`t want plain scrambled. I decided to make an omelet and stuff it with ham & cheese.

I put a little bit of olive oil and a spray of Pam at the bottom of my frying pan. I poured in 1/2 cup egg beaters and then put in some frozen green/red peppers and a light sprinkle of minced garlic. I then put in my pepper, salt and a little bit of Italian seasoning. I cooked it low and slow and then slid it out onto a plate when it was just about done and flipped it in the pan, letting the inside brown, before reflipping it back over. I then stuffed it with cheese and 2 ounces of Polish ham. I let it cook together so the cheese would get all nice and melty.

When done, I ate this along side 2 slices of toasted Italian bread. And yes, I do eat my eggs with ketchup! It`s the only way I can stomach them, to be honest. But overall, it was a yummy meal and I surely got in my protein!

<em>Do you like omelets? What kind is your favorite?
How do you normally take your eggs?</em>

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