LOTD - Chinese food again :)

5 years ago

Hello, Luuux!

Since I`m totally in love with this chinese restaurant I discovered recently I admit, I have been eating there a lot since it`s cheaper for me to eat out than at home because of the student discounts.

This time, I actually said the wrong number for what I wanted because I forgot the number when the waitress came and I just looked so fast at the menu that I mixed it and then my friend was surprised since I never ordered that and that`s when I figured out that I ordered the wrong number :D I don`t know what happened but here`s what I got. It`s fried rice with fried chicken and it`s really, really good but I wanted fried rice with normal chicken :D It was good and everything. I don`t usually eat fried chicken so this was a change for me. As usual, I paid like 2 euros for the meal and I also got soup and ice cream which I always forget to photograph.

Anyways, I hope you like my dish, comment, subscribe and add me as a friend if you want :)

Hope you`re well!

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