LOTD - Chicken Tikka Masala

5 years ago

<strong>Chicken Tikka Masala</strong> was my lunch of the day and I will say, for a frozen dinner this was surprisingly good! I have had Indian cuisine frozen before and it never really tastes the way it should or it`s just plain disgusting. This thankfully, did not fit in either of those categories.

I purchased this at Whole Foods and the company who makes them is Saffron Road. They have a number of different flavors, but I decided to go with tikka masala because it`s one of the dishes I enjoy, well, aside from chicken curry. I will say this was flavored to what I would consider Mild. I have a local Indian restaurant that when I ask for mild, it comes out hotter than hot and my nose runs and my face turns red while I`m eating there. The spice did get to me a little in this, but it wasn`t overwhelming. The chicken was white meat chicken, not any of that hard to chew rib meat stuff frozen cuisine companies like to throw into their meals.

The one thing I will say is, the rice had no flavor. I know, rice is a bit of a bland side -- but generally basmati rice HAS a flavor, this just, didn`t. My local Indian restaurant puts clove in it, which is probably the flavor I am looking for, but when I mixed the masala sauce with the rice it helped.

Overall, I would say Saffron Roads frozen Indian cuisine products are good and definitely worth a try. Next time I am at Whole Foods, I`ll be picking this one up again along with another dish to try out.

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