Losing Weight: The 30 Day Shred

4 years ago

Hi Guys, So I am currently trying to lose weight. I have lost 6 pounds since Jan 7th and My goal is to lose 50.
This week, I started the famous "30 Day Shred" with Jillian Michaels off of "The Biggest Loser USA". I had heard quite a lot of positive feedback, So I decided to try it out! I am currently on my fifth day, and I am waiting until day 7 to weigh myself.
The entire workout consists of three levels. Level 1,2 and 3. Each level lasts 10 days, so I am currently on level 1. It is ok. I never feel like I`m gonna die while doing it, and I am far from fit, although I do rowing 3 times a week. It is pretty tough, I`m not going to lie! It`s scares me to think what level 3 will be like haha. But I am Definitely going to try stick to it.
I will update you at the end of the 30 days! If you are trying to lose weight I definetly think you should try it out! You feel great after doing it! Although to see results you will obviously have to have a good diet. losing weight is hard! If it was easy everyone would be skinny! I have lost 16 pounds since september and I am hoping to lose another 45-ish. It is a slow process but if you go too fast with shakes etc. you will most likely gain it all back. So If you have tried the 30 day shred, or lost weight, I would love to hear about it! So feel free to leave me a comment :) I`ll update soon :)

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