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4 years ago

1) It takes forever for breakfast. Taking the daily breakfast is a matter of habit and actually helps maintain a healthy weight, because it prevents insulin spikes throughout the day, we all want to make the food less healthy;
2) Run at intervals. Running is one of the best exercises to lose weight, especially to burn fat belly and thighs. To burn extra calories is best to switch the race pace, starting with 10 minutes running to warm up after 20 minutes intervals is: sprintar 8 seconds, 12 seconds to run, sprintar 8 seconds, 12 seconds to run and always thus until the end of 20 minutes, 10 minutes and then reversing to cool the body. This sequence 3 or 4 times a week will help you burn more calories than if corresses without gaps.
3) Become stronger. Over time we do exercise, we become stronger muscularly. By having more muscle or muscle more developed it needs more energy to exercise, so you`ll also be burning more calories. Furthermore, we need more basal energy (calories that your body consumes daily) to maintain muscle than fat.
4) Enjoy all the bits to exercise. Be storey walk, ires the stairs instead of elevators, arrumares the house or something that makes you move, it is important that you stay active as long as possible. For students and people who spend much time sitting, there are little tricks to getting the buttocks and abdomen while you are writing or listen to the teacher, trying to keep one foot off the ground without losing his balance on the chair, etc. are things that no one notices that you`re doing, but help to tone.
5) Drink more water. This is not new to drinking water, in addition to purifying the body, fill your stomach longer, so we tend to eat less and feel more satisfied.
6) Measures to you instead of you regrets. Many people lose the will to diet and exercise, because the numbers do not lower the balance. The truth is that in early times is normal not to lose too much weight, because we`re burning fat but gaining muscle which is heavier, denser and less bulky. So if you medires (around the hips, thighs, waist and arms) to know how much volume you stay lost, even if you have not lost weight and can you keep you more motivated.
7) Looking incentives. Be a friend who motivates you, whether in blog posts, whether you like and try out new clothes, or anything else, it is important not to lose motivation and always continues to work towards a healthier body. The results may be slow to appear, but if you work will certainly appear.

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