Lose 7 kilos in 7 days

Hi,my name is Roberto Ugrina and i read some advice how to lose weight in short period and i will show you what i read!Believe me, its simple process! but wait! I never said its easy!

You can lose almost half to 1kg per day for this week and lose upto 7 kg easily! get in shape fast!

So for this week, starting from tomorrow morning, follow this:

1. No carbohydrates

NO carbohydrates for 7 days. No sugar, no bread, no bran bread, no meal full of vegetables, beans or what else! Just stop all carbs! Oh and no potatoes and biscuits too!

2. Maximum protein diet

Shift your meals to protein. Do this:

Egg white only in the morning. Get boiled eggs,And for dinner eat chicken!

3. Walk twice a day

Walk twice a day .

4. Sports

Do any sport.

5. Pics and weight

Calculate your weight today and daily!

Source link: http://offlineclinic.com/lets-lose-7-kg-this-week/282/

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