L`Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara!

So as my very first LUUUX post, I thought a mascara review would be fitting, since mascara is my number one beauty/makeup obsession (next to nail polish, of course!). And I wanted to review the most recent product that just absolutely blew me away!

Let me start by saying I was super intrigued by the Givenchy Phenomen`Eyes Mascara, mainly due to the spherical wand. But I really just couldn`t bring myself to buy it for some reason. I kept reading review after review to try to convince myself it would be a good buy, which is when I stumbled upon a youtube video of a girl comparing Phenomen`Eyes to the L`Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara. She put one on each eye and I honestly could not tell the difference. She also mentioned that she actually preferred the L`Oreal wand (which is also spherical!). So I rushed right out and bought it for myself!

I was seriously shocked and so excited with the results. My lashes were HUGE, as you can see from the picture (by the way, PLEASE ignore the disgusting popped blood vessel in my eyeball and just focus on how amazing my lashes look!). The spherical wand really allows you to get every lash. It DOES take some getting used to and some trial and error until you will find a technique that works for you, so PLEASE don`t let that discourage you!! The only thing that keeps this mascara from being perfect is that it does have a tendency to get clumpy sometimes, especially if you`re applying multiple coats, SO HAVE A LASH COMB READY. But the lash comb will easily separate your lashes, so it`s really not a big deal. Other than that, I am crazy about this mascara and I highly recommend it! :)

[The picture of the mascara tube is not my own, but the second picture was taken of my lashes by me.]

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