L`Oreal Infallible Shadows

5 years ago

So while Europe has had these shadows for quite some time now, they are new to those of us in the states. Everyone is going crazy for them, too. Understandably, because they`re pretty amazing!

I only have two thus far, but already want to buy more colors. I bought the two most predictable colors for myself: Iced Latte and Endless Pearl.

They`re SO smooth and velvety. REALLY! When I was swatching and I stuck my finger (yes, clean!) into the jar it was like like feeling the down of a baby chick or baby kitten fur... I mean, unbelievably SOFT! They apply just as nicely!

They`re a strange hybrid, but one that works out well. Its a loose shadow, but packed down with a little stopper inside. So it isn`t as tightly packed as a typical pressed powder shadow but certainly not just loose and falling all around inside its container. I have seen a lot of people say its like a wet pigment.. I would say that is accurate.

These wear extremely nice. I will note, however, that I have been wearing them with a primer. Pretty much any eye product will crease on me if I don`t first lay down a primer. I haven`t noticed any fading away of the color... but again, you can see the colors I have chosen are extremely soft and pale already. The true test would be if I had a darker color (maybe I`ll be able to pick some up this weekend...we`ll see).

I have found it best to sort of pat on the color into place and then blend where needed... sort of like you would do for a pigment. You wouldn`t just go crazy brushing it all over the place or you`d end up with it on your cheek. Well, these are kind of the same.

As for the coloring of the ones I have: Iced Latte is a very pale, shimmering champagne color. I like this all over as a lid color. It is soft, feminine, and stays in my comfort zone. Plus it brightens the eyes. Endless Pearl is a very, very pale matte flesh tone. In fact, it is extremely close to my actual coloring so I like it more to just even out the lid color if I don`t want to wear much or I use it to blend out and under the brow bone.

I`d say these are something you don`t want to miss out on. They`re pretty amazing and I`m hoping they`ll release even more colors!


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