Loréal Infallible Lipstick: Beyonces Red

5 years ago

Out of everything I have ever reviewed here on LUUUX, this is probably the
#1 thing that is a
MUST BUY so far. I was watching http://www.youtube.com/user/itsjudytime?feature=g-u#p/u/19/_GtZEWH0c0M Top Favorite Red Lipsticks video and one of the ones she highly recommended was the Loréal Infallible lipstick in Beyonces Red and Target Red I believe. Normally, I dont get many things that Youtube gurus recommend, but when she demonstrated how it doesnt transfer to any surface your lips touch (straw, hand, cheek, etc.) I bought into how well this product could actually work. After Christmas shopping, I was looking at some stuff I wanted and decided to do a little shopping for myself. I went into Ulta and noticed that these were $11.99/ea. And decided to pass. I tried looking to see if they had the Revlon matte lipstick in red, but for some reason they didnt have any Revlon matte lipsticks (just like every other damn store) So, I went over to Target and they had the Infallible lipstick there for
$9.99. I guess thats as cheap as its going to get. There was only one left. So I got it.

  • There is a quick process when applying this product which SHOULD BE FOLLOWED. - First youre going to want to moisturize your lips with any regular chapstick you have. - Youre then going to want to wait until its completely soaked into your lips. If you apply the product while your lips are still wet, the product will not dry evenly. - Once your lips have dried, apply the product to your liking and let it dry. I found that if I breathe slightly through my mouth during the drying process (which doesnt dry out your lips) it helps the product dry faster than the 2 minutes of waiting time the directions say. - After you see that the product has dried, apply the moisturizer over your lips. - If you want to remove this product, make sure to use an oil-based makeup remover OR olive oil (which doesnt work that well and dries out your lips)


  • Price: For $9.99 at Target, I think it is actually a pretty good deal. I honestly think this product should be $15 or more with how well it works.

  • Pigmentation/color: The pigmentation is spectacular! You honestly only need one swipe each on both the bottom and top lip. If you apply more than that, it doesnt look cakey, but theres no need to waste. As for the red pigment, it is a true red. Its not darkened or lightened. You could in fact keep it matte by not applying the clear top, but if you do apply it, its just more moisturizing for your lips.

  • Application: First off, the applicator is angled, which gives better precision in my opinion when applying the product. If you havent noticed, this isnt your traditional twist-up lipstick in a tube, but rather works more like a lip gloss. The application itself is quite smooth. Theres absolutely no harshness or effort at all when applying. It looks like a cream/gloss after you apply it, until it dries matte. Once it completely dries, then you apply the clear topcoat, which is not a gloss. It works more like a chapstick. And no, if youre wondering, the red pigment does not rub off onto the moisturizer.

  • Packaging: I honestly thought that the tubes pop out all the way and that the silver packaging was used just to keep them together since its a duo. They only pop out half way, which is actually fine since I would rather keep them together anyway. The red pigment twists out with a brush applicator, but the lip moisturizer comes right out (no twisting) and snaps shut. The directions (which should be read!) are directly on the back. The packaging itself can be used as a mirror. Its not blurry either, so you can get precise unless you need a zoom reflection.

  • Staying power: Theres no product like it that I have come across. I left this on overnight and it didnt budge. No smearing, cracking, flacking, nothing. I cant say it lasts 24 hours because I put it on at night, but I will say it lasts for 12 hours because I didnt remove it right away when I woke up.


  • Nothing.

I believe it also comes in Nudes, Reds, and some Pinks. I hope they come out with more colors. If you decide to purchase this lipstick, I cannot stress enough to
Sorry I was unable to get a picture of it on my lips, but my battery died -_- So Do you own this product? If so, how did you like it? Will you think about purchasing this product?

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