Loreal Infallible Lip Duo

5 years ago

I went to Target today and picked this up for about $6 at the clearance aisle. It`s a lip stain and a lip balm/gloss that you put on top. I swatched it on my arm and it really does stay after it dries. I rubbed the swatch and it stayed put. I haven`t tried it on my lips yet. Right now, I don`t really know how to get it off of my arm so I`m not going to put it on my lips, yet. It seems really great for those who like stains and want something that will last you probably a whole day (or longer). The lip balm that comes with it smells really good (sort of why I got it in the first place) and it`s actually more like a gloss since it gives a nice shine when you put it over the stain. The lip balm thing is going to have to be re-applied because that doesn`t stay. The red color is really pigmented. I was surprised how red and opaque it was. From first impressions, I`d recommend this if it`s what you`re looking for. :)

*pictures are mine. The first picture is the product, the second picture is the name of the color, the third picture is a swatch of the color stain and the lip balm on the left of it separately, and the fourth picture is the stain and the lip balm over it.

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