L`oreal Go 360 Clean- Deep Exfoliating Scrub Review and Tips

5 years ago

I must preface this review with a brief history of my experience with various cleansers. I used to struggle with my skin as a teenager and have tried what seems like every drug store brand to high end boutique product. While my skin has since then recovered, it still has its moments when a little extra help is necessary to keep things at bay since I have naturally combination skin.

This cleanser has rocked my world.

Particular emphasis because, as I have already mentioned, I have tried soooo many products throughout the years and as one could imagine, I have become much harder to impress. Firstly, the scrublet has been deemed utterly useless and serves no purpose other than giving you a little less product and a cool shaped bottle once you throw the scrublet away and are ready to use the cleanser.
Secondly, I like to squeeze a quarter-size amount on a firm round cotton pad (not those cheap thin fibrous rectangular ones I save for doing my mani/pedis at home) and vigorously slough away a full day`s makeup, dirt, oil, and MOST IMPORTANTLY-- dead skin cells.
This technique in harmony with this amazing product has given me (and my friends and family who all have done the same and have since then been crazy about the cleanser) the best results. I have used the scrublet (in futility) and it has given me results nothing like what I`ve gotten from using it with a cotton pad, most likely because I can control the pressure I use.

Tip: The key to getting rid of mild acne is EXFOLIATION in conjunction with a proper toner, medication, making sure that your makeup brushes get a good cleaning every to every other time you use them, keeping your hands off of your face except when washing it or applying makeup or skincare, and making sure you use the right makeup products for your skin type (although you can never go wrong with mineral makeup!).

*The techniques and tips are from my personal experience and I share them with unpretentious good intent in hopes of helping someone who reads them, every person is different and these are just my opinions on getting the best results :)*

*Pics and content are my own, do not use or duplicate*

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