Loreal evercreme cleansing shampoo amp conditioner review xx

4 years ago

I recently bought a mini haul of latest hair products that i fell in love with. Let`s start off with the Loreal Everclear Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner dual pack.

My pros:
It smells great! It leaves my hair nice and smooth, tangle free when I get out of the shower.

My cons:
It`s a pretty small size, and I hate the dispenser... It`s as if I have to squeeze the bottle with alllll my might to get a bit out..

I shower every single day, and wash my hair with shampoo, conditioner, and a few rinse products every day as well. I have a few Pantene weekly treatments I use too. This means my hair was on oil overload with producing because it had to compensate for the amount of stripping I was doing.

Therefore, within the first few days of using this product, my scalp wasnt aware of the new products I was using, and still use to producing the amount of oil it has been. So it took a few days to get used to to say the least...

However after about a week, I was soooo very pleased with the results. My hair felt amazing, looked amazing, and wasn`t too soft/silky to the point where it didnt stay in the places I styled it in. With a bit of hair spray, and a few pumps of my Pantene Voluminous Pump, My volume lasted wayyy into the evening from the morning shower I took the same day.

I highly recommend it-- just be patient and wait a full week before making your decision, and be sure to do the right application and make sure you are getting your fulllll head covered. Do not lather, as lathering is bad.

Rica ox
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