L`oreal Colour Rich Balm vs. Revlon Lip Butters!

5 years ago

L`Oreal and Revlon recently came out with similar balm-lipstick combos in a wide range of shades. So i decided i would buy a couple of each to compare the two brands and formulas. Not to mention i typically hate full color lipsticks and also hate "tinted" balms that are so sheer you can see no tint at all. but these products seem to be the perfect combination of both color and balm.

Im going to break this review into 5 categories, comparing each brand to the other, then telling you who i think is better or "wins" that category :) Prices reflect what i paid for them at Rite-Aid.

<strong>Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter $6.49</strong>
I own this balm in three shades: Peach Parfait (medium coral w/ golden shimmer), Creamsicle (bright peachy-pink), and Creme Brulee (nude).

<strong>L`Oreal Colour Riche Balm SPF15, $5.99</strong>
I own this balm in one shade, Nourishing Nude (glistening caramel).

Both balms have cute packaging. Revlons is bright, girly, and quilted but i find the base to be way too small, sometimes i have a hard time opening it. The stick itself is wide which a lot of people will like, but if you`ve got thin lips you`ll probably get more precise application from L`Oreals narrow stick. L`Oreals outside packaging is sleek and smooth and has a larger base with a notch which allows the cap to lock on. Personally i prefer the L`Oreal packaging over Revlon`s in general.

<strong>Shade Range</strong>
Revlon offers a whopping 20 shades, and L`Oreal only offers 8 so its pretty obvious who wins this one, lol. I guess it just depends on your personal shade preference - one brand may have a shade you love that the other brand doesn`t offer. Plus Revlon offers a lot of shimmery shades, and L`Oreals offer a more glistening dewey look. Its really up to what you prefer.

L`Oreal`s balms are pretty sheer, but not so sheer that you can see any of the product at all. They are more like a nice tinted balm rather than a lipstick/balm hybrid. On the other hand, the Revlon balms have great pigmentation and can be layered to almost get medium-full coverage. Once again this depends on personal preference - do you want a lot of coverage or something a little more sheer? But if i had to choose id say because Revlon offers more coverage, they win!

<strong>Hydration & Texture</strong>
L`oreal wins this one hands down!! They are super smooth and silky feeling on lips, plus the moisturization lasts a lot longer than the other brand. With Revlon i feel like i need to reapply every 15-20 minutes because they aren`t very hydrating and tend to wear off quickly. Ive also noticed that the more i reapply the Revlon balms the dryer and flakier my lips look & feel. but the more i reapply the L`Oreal balms the better my lips feel all day long - they stay very smooth.

Maybe its just me but i smell nothing in the Revlon balms at all. Ive seen reviews where people raved about the scent but mine are totally scent-free. However, the L`Oreal balms have a beautiful warm vanilla scent that isn`t too strong or too light - its very yummy! L`Oreal wins this one too! :)

Score: Revlon (2) vs L`oreal (3)

<strong>Overall</strong>, i think it`s pretty obvious id choose the L`Oreal Colour Riche Balms over & over again. but i really wish they had a larger shade range like Revlon Lip Butters do. They both have good traits but L`Oreal wins in almost every category. I think the major deciding factor for me was the fact that theres no shimmer and instead you get a dewey glistening look, plus they`re more hydrating. Definitely a great product for someone who wants something smack dab in-between a tinted balm and a full-color lipstick. You really get the best of both worlds!

Have you tried these yet? Would you try them in the future?


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