L`oreal Casting Creme Gloss in Blackcurrant and a bit of hair history!

4 years ago

I`d been toying for a while with the idea of jazzing up my hair colour, ever since I spotted a photo of Cheryl Cole with a deep mahogany hair colour a while back.

I`ve always been a bit of a chicken when it comes to hair changes. I`ve always played it very safe, ever since my stepmother, who`s a professional hairdresser in Portugal, decided to give me a radical makeover in my teens and I ended up with a half blonde, half bright orange head. Not pretty.

Finally, after a lot of research and reading millions of reviews on the net, I decided I was going to do it! I would purchase a semi-permanent hair colourant by L`oreal Paris, the Casting Creme Gloss, since it`s ammonia-free, hence less damaging.

Now the dilemma was: what shade? The shade used by Cheryl was actually "Mahogany", but I was worried it would turn out too light on my hair, especially on my blonder bits. I definitely didn`t want it to come out red or orangey! I ended up getting the "Blackcurrant", a darker shade.

I did the 48h test and with each hour that passed, my courage would fade away just a bit more! When the time came to actually do it, I was freaking out, shouting out I couldn`t do it, it was going to turn out horrible and bright red or something, what was I thinking, I`m no freaking Rihanna, I`m not adventurous, get this box away from me!
At this point my boyfriend was having none of this nonsense, he was actually the one who ended up mixing the stuff up, forcefully undressing me and putting a towel round me. I can safely say if it weren`t for him I would have chickened out! During the whole process I was half crying half laughing, already thinking of what dark shade to purchase next to cover up the blotched up red.

20 minutes went by, I jumped in the shower, dryed my hair and.... voilá!

Exactly the shade I was looking for!
Thank you L`oreal! I didn`t itch, the process was fairly easy although I did had help from my boyfriend.
I`m sure you could do it yourself but another person helping you is advisable though because if you`re anything like me you`ll end up having stuff flying everywhere and it stains! Also another tip - I smeared vaseline around my hairline so any hair dye that got on my skin would easily come off afterwards.

The colour is beautiful and it`s so shiny! I couldn`t believe it! I think it`s something to do with the conditioner you get in the pack to put on after you rinse the dye out. It`s fabulous.

I haven`t washed my hair yet, so I can`t say anything about the staying power of this hair colourant. It claims to last 28 washes. I`m just worried it might fade into a dull red colour, but lets see how it goes.

I wasn`t expecting to like it as much and like I said in my previous post, this shade actually makes me feel more adventurous, which is exactly what I needed in this new phase of my life!

I`ve still got quite a long way to go till I get my hair in tip top condition and the length I want it to be... But I know I`m getting there. Good luck to all you ladies who are trying to do the same!

*all images are my own, except for Cheryl Cole and L`Oreal Casting Creme Gloss pictures

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